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I am seeking the services of a painter/decorator.
How much experience do you have?How long have you been doing this trade?

The proprietor Marcin Adryan has been working since 1999 as a painter/decorator, and has wide experience of domestic and commercial environments.

Most Limitless Decorating Experts employees usually have at least 10-12 years experience.


Do you have any helpful references?

There are useful references on our Testimonial Page. We can also provide additional references upon request.


Can I have other services like decorative effects, or associated crafts such as paper hanging plastering or carpentry?

Yes, we have a team of qualified staff and we specialize in all of the mentioned fields. We also specialize in kitchen and bathroom refits, wood floor installation, as well as wood floor sanding.

Do you work alone or in a team?

Limitless Decorating Experts is made up of a team of able hands, capable of working on any house or room-size and tailored to clients’ specifications.


How can I get to see a sample of work that you have done?

We have numerous clients in various locations across London. You are welcome to make enquiries for information about work that we’ve done in your locality.


Do you belong to any trade association or professional bodies?

Yes, we are actively in the Painting & Decorating Association and The Guild of Master Craftsmen.


What if I want to use a specific type of paint for the bathroom?

We will offer expert advice on choice of paints and colors to suit your taste.


What do you think of blue paint for the walls with my cream carpet?

We have the best practical advice on color schemes which we will apply to your liking.


Do you charge for materials? Are there any additional charges such as VAT?

The main price, on top of which VAT is charged, is inclusive of required materials. All additional charges are subject to negotiation with the client, so there are no hidden charges.


Are you willing to take responsibility for the security of my property while working?

Security is our responsibility and we are happy to have done this over the years.


How do you protect the rest of items and furniture while working?

We always protect furniture and carpets using clean cotton cloth sheets, and/or PVC. We are also open to take extra caution where required.


Do you carry insurance cover?

We carry full Public Liability Insurance. Our clients are allowed to view it if they wish.


What if I am not satisfied with the results?

Our aim is to deliver impeccable service to our clients, leaving them happy with the results.

However, in the unlikely event where customers are unsatisfied, we take it upon ourselves to save the situation.

If a matter goes beyond us, which is rare, a customer can engage the trade associations of which we have membership.